Sunday, April 9, 2017

Skiing to Spring

A few weeks ago we finished our skiing season. We had signed up for a ski school on Wednesday afternoons, and Mekdes and I did cross country skiing with our school for P.E.. I had only gone downhill skiing a couple times and Mekdes and Biniyam had never been, so this was a new experience for all of we are in the Alps.
Even though there was not a lot of snow down here in Albertville, as soon as it was cold enough we were able to go up to the mountains around us. Soon we were skiing like pros. We had the opportunity to go up one Saturday with the whole Family, so we spent the day whizzing down blues and tumbling down reds.
The ski school went for as long as it could before finally all that was left was slush and mud. Now for school we went straight from skiing to swimming, and the weather here has really gone up. The mountains are turning green, and yesterday we got to experience 'La première sortie des vaches' or 'The first exit of the cows', where we went up to a farm and got to watch all the cows go out for the first time this spring. It was very cute as all the cows went bounding and running through the field.

Below is a link to see a video of us skiing. The one going straight down the mountain is Biniyam, he does not like to turn and beats all of us to the bottom most of the time.

Click here to see us ski

And here is a link to see 

The milk from these cows is used by monks to make cheese 
and by the farmers to make ice cream.

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