Sunday, November 23, 2014

The waterfalls

The other day we went to the waterfalls that are about 45 minutes away. There are like four different waterfalls that were there and one place where we could look out over the top of one, but mom wouldn't let us get near the edge.
We also saw like 7 monkeys in the trees looking at us, they were gray with white around their face and we're super cute, but they were so fast I didn't get a picture of them. 
We went there with some of the med students, our teacher, a doctor from Kenya, a pediatrician, and our P.E teacher. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We are chameleon-sitting a chameleon named Gooseberry, he is brownish-green and when he's sunbathing he gets dark brown stripes. The other day at church we found our very own chameleon in the grass, we named him Buddy, he's very bright green with blue stripes. 
They take care of the flies around our house and when they eat them it's really cool, first they see it and stick their head toward it then they open their mouth and start to stick out their tounge and then really quickly they snap out their tongue and pull it back into their mouth with the fly on it and munch it up.
Their eyes are also really cool, how they move in different directions at the same time.

Here are some photos:

Saturday, November 8, 2014


For halloween this year I was a ancient Egyptian, Mekdes was a jellyfish, and Biniyam was a turtle. We made all our costumes like for my cape we used a curtain, for my dress we used a sheet, and for my wig we used egg bags.
The night before Halloween we got one pumpkin and each carved something like an eye the nose or half the mouth.
And for halloween we wore our costumes to school and during lunch break we had lunch at our teachers house with a special meal where there was a menu with foods in disguise like pepper was called black and floting eyeballs were a soda drink with mango and a candy eyeball in it. Then we played games and went on a treasure hunt.Then that night at 5:00 we went tricker treating around the missionary houses of Kibuye. 
All the house helpers and workers got a good laugh at us as we walked about the day dressed up.