Monday, September 29, 2014

Kids at the hospital

Today we went to the hospital and colored and played with the kids who have broken legs and they just sit there all day for about a month.
It was really fun and they are nice. Here are some pictures of the kids,

This little boy is shy but he's really cute and likes playing with Biniyams paper boats.

This girl is nice and likes dads chicken gloves.

This boys name is Willie and we spent the most time with him, he likes paper airplanes and smiling at us, his dads also nice and made us paper cameras.

There are rats in the hospital scurrying under all the beds and creeping us out, but other than that the kids are really nice and fun, and we'll probably keep going to see them every week.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Force de Secret

Today we made up a detective group called Force de Secret, it's secret force in French, and we solved our first case: 
 The Cropseys lost the key to there house and couldn't find it anywhere, then we said we could help and no one thought we could find it because all the  adults had looked everywhere, then the kids went down and looked for about 10 minutes and found it laying on the grass, we brought it up and everyone was very surprised that we found it. 

Right after that we went down to our house to play and mom came running down from up the hill yelling " Fire! Fire!". We went out and saw that one of the guard houses was burning, then we started running up to tell the other adults, then everyone started running down with buckets of water and it got very smockey, all the kids had to stay up away from the fire until it was out. Now that guard house is mostly black.

It was a pretty exiting day in Kibuye. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Plants of Burundi

These are some of the most common plants here, 
And papaya
These are only some of them the others we have are passion fruit, mangos, guavas, lemons, avocados, and oranges, the oranges here are more like lemons because they are yellow and are more sour, and the pineapple does not sting our tongue, once I ate about 30 pieces and still felt fine.

Mekdes's birthday!

On Saturday.  was Mekdes's birthday, we had a birthday party for her and all the kids came and had chocolate zucchini cake with whipped cream frosting, the chocolate comes from coco which we can buy here. 
Then we played pin the tail on the chameleon and played outside, after that some of the younger kids went home and the rest walked up to Kibuye rock, you can see the hospital and the church from there. We slide down the rocks and climbed on them and then went back down.
We always attract a mob of kids behind who follow us up there and a lot of kids call us muzungus which is white person in kurundi.

When the all the younger kids went back, Anna and Elise came over for pizza dinner and a movie, Allysa made us ice cream and we ate that also.

For her birthday I made Mekdes a mobile out of origami swans
And Anna Elise and I made Mekdes a Barbie house out of cardboard and styraphome and the kid beds are face masks the cloch is an oven thermometer and the chairs are toilet paper rolls. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Hi guys,

It's been great here!
School started on Monday and it's really fun, here is the schedule:

Calender and Bible in the morning, then the four big girls have history and geogaraphy, then science with mom, reces, then Anna and I have language arts, and then math. We go home from 11:30-2:00 for lunch and rest, then we go back for French we have P.E on Mon,Tues, and Thurs, and music on the others. 

We have a fort called guava fort that is on a guava tree and we play there a lot during reces. 

There are bats on the school house that we named and like to watch, they are friendly and pretty cute.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Our house

This is the front of our house, the little house next to it is is the guard house where the guards sleep. Our neighbors are going to be the Cropseys and the Faders who's houses are being built.

 Here we have avacato trees, banana trees, guava trees, papaya trees, and  mango trees. 




We got to Bujumbura Saterday night and spent the night at a house, the next day the moms went shopping and we stayed in the car and got very, very sweaty. That night we ate at a Indian restaurant and played in the lawn. We spent that night at the house again and the next day we left buja (Bujumbura ) and drove 2 and a half hours to Kibuye.

 It's very nice here, there is a clay mound behind the bamboo fence that we have been playing in and making bowles and pots out of. 

They have chickens here and Anna, Elise, Mekdes, and I share named chestnut, we like to go on chicken chases and catch them and throw as high as we can and the chickens don't really care.

We found a gecko in Biniyams room and made a habitat for him and and kept him for 2 days then let him go.