Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mission Training International

Before we begin our journey to France, we are required to go to training. We left our house in Bellingham, and drove, and drove, and drove, all the way from Washington to the small town of Palmer Lake between Colorado Springs and Denver. We had orientation that night and began class the next day. Now we only have one more week to go, and then more driving.
In our class we have 7-12 year olds, but I'm the only one who's eleven. There are people going everywhere from Arizona to Thailand, even all the teachers were missionary kids. They teach us a lot of things about being missionaries, so it's hard to sum it up. We learned about learning languages and new friends...basically we learned the same things as the adults just in more fun ways.
Our room is like a hotel. We have two rooms, each kid gets their own bed and drawer. We get two bathrooms and a beautiful view of the red rocks.
There are a lot of fun things to do here, and we get weekends free. So far we have gone to Garden of the Gods, on a Mining Tour, Hiking, to the Cliff Dwellings, to the Air Force Academy, a concert at Red Rocks, and this weekend we went camping.

                                                              Leavenworth, WA
We spent a day at Yellowstone National Park
This is right before my hat blew off into the hot springs
                                                            Molly Kathleen Gold Mine

                                                               Garden of the Gods

                                                                 Red Rocks Amphitheater