Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Kurundi is basically the main language here, so these are a few words:
Hello- Amahoro (it actually means peace but they use it as hello)
Yes- ego 
No- oya ( oh yeah)
How are you?- Urakomeye ( ura- comey- yay). It actually mean "is it good?"
Yes, it is good- ego,undocome
Thank you- urakoze ( ura- cozy)
You're welcome- urakoze gishima, it actually means thank you for thanking me
Good evening- mwiriwe ( mw-airy-way) 
What is your name- witwa nde (we-twa un- day)
My name is...- nitwa...
Tomorrow- ejo ( a-jo)
Yesterday- ejo hahise
Chicken- inkoko ( un- hoko)
Okay- sawa
If you want to know any other words ask and I'll look it up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas vacation and my birthday

For Christmas vacation we were going to go to Rwanda but we couldn't get our visas done in time so we decided to drive around Burundi a little, we went down to a hotel on lake Tanganyika called Nyanza Lac for two nights. It's really beautiful there and we got a room that we could see the mountains of Tanzania from. One day we took a boat across lake Tanganyika and went to Tanzania for about 10 minutes so that's one more country off my list.
Then we drove along lake Tanganyika up to Buja and  stayed at the Bonds ( the house we stayed at the night we arrived). We got to have Ethiopian food, Indian food, fish,Thai food, and sushi.
For my 10th birthday I went swimming at Club du Lac for most of the day and then we found a resteraunt that had Thai food and sushi and we went there and then we got to get really good ice-cream.

These are the mountains of Tanzania from our room.