Saturday, February 21, 2015

The feeding program

Today we went to the Yezelalem Minch offices and met our sponcer child, Redit, and our grandparents sponsor child,  Yabsira, we gave them some gifts and got to ask them a few questions about school and sports.
 Then we went to the feeding program,  run by Burtukan and Nesibu, and helped give the food out to the kids. They had injera, the Ethiopian bread, with a sauce and bananas.
The area is accualy a preschool with kids up to eight years old and we got to visit the rooms and the playground and play with the kids as well as give them plates of food. A lot of the kids wanted to shake our hands, give us a hug, or play thumb war with us. 
 All the kids were very nice and we even met another Mekdes there. 
We also got to see an Ethiopian coffee ceremony and watch the woman make the coffee and it smelled really good.

Friday, February 20, 2015


For spring break we came to Ethiopia and we are visiting our friends, Burtukan and Nesibu, who run Yezelalem Minch. The flight went well and I didn't get sick, we stoped in Kigali, Rwanda to pick up more people and I got to see the country side. Ethiopian time is one hour ahead of Burundian time so we are adjusting good here.
Today was our first day here and we left the guest house at 10:00 to explore, first we went to the place where they make Noonday jewelry and got to see them making it and we bought a few pieces too. Then we went to lunch at a resteraunt with a playground and then we got horse rides after we ate. Next we went to a place that trains woman who used to be fuel wood carriers to weave scarfs, a much better job! We got to see the big looms and how they weave, we bought a few scarfs too. Then we to the market and looked at the dresses. We drove up Intoto mountin and we had a great view of Addis Ababa, the capital.
 We drove home and had a relaxing evening at Morning Coffee Guesthouse.

Noonday jewelry making
Coffee bean jewelry
Horse rides
Addis Ababa

A woman carring wood on her back, barefoot down a mountin

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


For Biniyams birthday we got 2 chicks from Gitega, Bini named his Pickely and Mekdes and I named ours Hazel.
 We had them for almost one day when we left them outside for a few seconds and we herd Pickely chirping outside, we went to see what was wrong and we couldn't find Hazel, the guards told us that she was taken by a bird. We don't know if it was a crow or an owl or a halk but she's gone. After a few days without Hazel, Pickely started to get lonely because chicks are very interactive creatures. Eric was going to Gitega so Mom tagged along and went to the market to get 2 more chicks, one was for Anna and one was for us. We named ours Amber and Anna named hers Boo. We found out that they eat grasshoppers as snacks and like to eat the skin of the milk also. We taught Pickely to chase us while we hold the grasshoppers and to jump for them. 
They're so, so cute!

This is Pickely Picklejuice Pickle, that's what Bini named him.
This is little Boo eating feed
And this is Amber
These are the school kids playing with the chicks

Biniyams birthday

Biniyam had a spy birthday and we made a treasure hunt to find his presents, I made him a race/practice course for his snails and a taco truck (from Turbo). He also got a board with nails in it to make shapes with elastics, a top hat with a fake bottom so he can do magic, a book, a coloring book, some candy, and other little things. 
 He had a birthday party at 2:00 and we wrote the invitations in invisible ink made out of lemon juice and water. We asked the password which was six and had a wheel with colors/patterns and animals so when you spun it the arrow landed on two things and that's what your secret agent name was, mine was spotted skink. We had a photo booth with secret disguises like mustaches and hats. Then we had a treasure hunt to find the piƱata which was a bomb that we had to destroy and we had to use a decoder, a magnifying glass, and a mirror. We had a magnifying glass cake made out of a circle and a long slice of another cake, it was vanilla swirled in chocolate and chocolate swirled in vanilla. Then we played outside some and we borrowed the McLaughlans icecream maker and we made some delicious icecream.

This is the racing snail set I made