Friday, November 11, 2016

Italy Vacation

During our 2 week fall break, we decided to drive to Italy. After a 4 hour drive, with an unexpected turn into Switzerland, we made it to our Air B&B in Lake Como. We had a very relaxing week there, mostly rainy weather, and every day visiting a city across the lake, a villa, or hiking up to an old abandoned castle.
 We saw an old castle on a hill, so we
hiked up, up, up through the rain, and finally
found it, even though it was surrounded by barbed 
wire, we poked around, and met some wild goats,
who showed us the way under the fence. 
( Mom still wouldn't let us go in)
 In the clouds you can see the castle tower.
 Does anyone recognize this sight? 
Villa Balbianello was the sight where many 
movies were filmed, including Star Wars: Episode II, 
Casino Royale, Ocean's Twelve, etc.
 Villa Carlotta

After a week at Lake Como, we took a 3 hour train ride ( vs. a 7 hour drive ), to Rome. As you can imagine, we did all the touristy stuff around the city. Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, and all the fountains, but we also saw some less famous sights, such as the Mamertine Prison, where Peter and Paul were kept, and where some of second Timothy was thought to be written.
We spent 4 days in Rome, and we did feel the earthquake one morning. 

 All throughout Italy we very much enjoyed 
their gelato, but Dad still can't seem to find
a decent sized coffee in Europe. We learned 
to order an americano if you want close to 
normal .

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